Hey there, I'm Everett. Unreasonable life expectations and a deep hatred of the word 'impossible' have resulted in many experiences for me. How does one go about setting such expectations? I'm no therapist, but I wager that it has a lot to do with my childhood. See, when I was a wee lad, I was diagnosed with 'terminal' cancer. Spoiler alert: I survived. Since then I have gone out of my way to work hard, be passionate, and never get bored.

On the off-chance my adventures, learnings, or creations can inspire even one other human to follow a dream or perhaps learn something new, I'll share them here. 

I write code, play games, ride motorcycles, produce music, eat clean, keep fit, read books, and currently work in video games as a product manager. It is safe to assume anything I post will relate to one of those things. Or not.